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GOLD ORES - SIC # 1041

Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
GMVI Over the counter Globalmin Ventures Inc 1041
GOLD Nasdaq Randgold Resources Ltd. (ADR) 1041
GORO American Gold Resource Corporation 1041
GPXM Over the counter Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. 1041
GRMC Over the counter Goldrich Mining Co 1041
GSS American Golden Star Resources Ltd. (US 1041
GVGDF Over the counter Pudo Inc (USA) 1041
HKBT Over the counter HK Battery Technology Inc 1041
HMY New York Harmony Gold Mining Co. (ADR) 1041
HNDI Over the counter Handeni Gold Inc 1041
IAG New York IAMGOLD Corp (USA) 1041
IDAH Over the counter Idaho North Resources Corp 1041
IRLD Over the counter Ireland Inc 1041
JAGGF Over the counter Jaguar Mining Inc (USA) 1041
KGC New York Kinross Gold Corporation (USA) 1041
KGNX Over the counter KollagenX Corp 1041
LGDOF Over the counter Lund Enterprises Corp 1041
LKAI Over the counter LKA Gold Inc 1041
LODE American Comstock Mining Inc 1041
LVCA Over the counter Lake Victoria Mining Company, 1041
MAVT Over the counter Madison Ventures Inc 1041
MGH American Minco Gold Corporation (USA) 1041
MUX New York McEwen Mining Inc 1041
MXSG Over the counter Mexus Gold US 1041
NAK American Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd 1041
NBRI Over the counter North Bay Resources Inc 1041
NEM New York Newmont Mining Corp 1041
NEXG Over the counter Nexgen Applied Solutions Inc 1041
NG American NovaGold Resources Inc. (USA) 1041
NGD American New Gold Inc. (USA) 1041
NHMD Over the counter Nates Foods Co 1041
NJMC Over the counter New Jersey Mining Company 1041
NMEX Over the counter Northern Minerals & Exploratio 1041
OROE Over the counter Oro East Mining Inc 1041
ORRP Over the counter Oroplata Resources Inc 1041
ORSUF Over the counter Orsu Metals Corporation 1041
OSTO Over the counter Original Sixteen to One Mine I 1041
PGLC Nasdaq Pershing Gold Corp 1041
PSNP Over the counter Preston Corp 1041
PSON Over the counter Petrosonic Energy Inc 1041
PZG American Paramount Gold Nevada Corp 1041
RBYCF Over the counter Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) 1041
RCTFF Over the counter Rochester Resources Ltd 1041
RGLD Nasdaq Royal Gold, Inc USA) 1041
RIC American Richmont Mines Inc. (USA) 1041
RMES Over the counter Red Metal Resources Ltd 1041
ROYE Over the counter Royal Energy Resources Inc 1041
RYMM Over the counter Royal Mines And Minerals Corp 1041
RYSMF Over the counter Royal Standard Minerals Inc US 1041
SA New York Seabridge Gold, Inc. (USA) 1041
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