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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
NOVKY Over the counter Novatek PAO - ADR 1311
NRIS Over the counter Norris Industries Inc 1311
NRT New York North European Oil Royalty Tru 1311
OAOFY Over the counter Tatneft PAO (ADR) 1311
OAS New York Oasis Petroleum Inc. 1311
OBE New York Obsidian Energy Ltd 1311
OKE New York ONEOK, Inc. 1311
OOIL Over the counter Perkins Oil & Gas Inc 1311
OXY New York Occidental Petroleum Corporati 1311
PDCE Nasdaq PDC Energy Inc 1311
PE New York Parsley Energy Inc 1311
PER New York SandRidge Permian Trust 1311
PGHEF Over the counter Pengrowth Energy Corp (USA) 1311
PHX New York Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. 1311
PMOIY Over the counter Premier Oil PLC (ADR) 1311
PNRG Nasdaq Primeenergy Resources Corp 1311
PRHR Over the counter PetroShare Corp 1311
PRMRF Over the counter Paramount Resources Ltd (USA) 1311
PROP Over the counter Pledge Petroleum Corp 1311
PRT New York PermRock Royalty Trust 1311
PSJEY Over the counter Petsec Energy Ltd (ADR) 1311
PTRC Over the counter Petro River Oil Corp 1311
PVAC Nasdaq Penn Virginia Corporation 1311
PXD New York Pioneer Natural Resources 1311
QEGY Over the counter Quantum Energy Inc 1311
QEP New York QEP Resources Inc 1311
REI American Ring Energy Inc 1311
ROAN New York Roan Resources Inc 1311
ROSE Nasdaq Rosehill Resources Inc 1311
RRC New York Range Resources Corp. 1311
RSRV Over the counter Reserve Petroleum Co 1311
RVRA Over the counter Riviera Resources Inc 1311
SBOW New York SilverBow Resources Inc 1311
SD New York SandRidge Energy Inc. 1311
SDT New York Sandridge Mississippian Trust 1311
SES Nasdaq Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. 1311
SGTZY Over the counter Surgutneftegaz PAO (ADR) 1311
SM New York SM Energy Co 1311
SNEC Over the counter Sanchez Energy Corp 1311
SNMP American Sanchez Midstream Partners LP 1311
SNVFF Over the counter Sonoro Energy Ltd (USA) 1311
SPND Over the counter Spindletop Oil & Gas Co 1311
SPOWF Over the counter Strata Power Corp 1311
SRCI American SRC Energy Inc 1311
SSLZY Over the counter Santos Ltd (ADR) 1311
SSNYY Over the counter Samson Oil & Gas Ltd (ADR) 1311
STMGF Over the counter Stamper Oil & Gas Corp 1311
STSC Over the counter Start Scientific Inc 1311
SWN New York Southwestern Energy Company 1311
TALO New York Talos Energy Inc 1311
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