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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ACMB Over the counter Agro Capital Management Corp 7375
AEEX Over the counter Asia Equity Exchange Group Inc 7375
ATHM New York Autohome Inc (ADR) 7375
BCOR Nasdaq Blucora Inc 7375
BIDU Nasdaq Baidu Inc (ADR) 7375
CARG Nasdaq CarGurus Inc 7375
CARS New York Inc 7375
CCGN Over the counter Consumer Capital Group Inc 7375
CNXR Over the counter Connecture Inc 7375
CPRT Nasdaq Copart, Inc. 7375
CRCM New York Inc 7375
CRMZ Over the counter CreditRiskMonitor.Com, Inc. 7375
CYOU Nasdaq Changyou.Com Ltd (ADR) 7375
DGTW Over the counter DigitalTown, Inc. 7375
DLX New York Deluxe Corporation 7375
DRNG Over the counter Drone Guarder Inc 7375
EGOV Nasdaq NIC Inc. 7375
EMRN Over the counter e-MARINE Global Inc 7375
ETSY Nasdaq Etsy Inc 7375
FB Nasdaq Facebook Inc 7375
FRLF Over the counter Freedom Leaf Inc 7375
GAWK Over the counter Gawk Inc 7375
GIGM Nasdaq GigaMedia Limited 7375
GMBL Over the counter Esports Entertainment Group In 7375
GOOGL Nasdaq Alphabet Inc 7375
GRWC Over the counter Grow Condos Inc 7375
HADV Over the counter Health Advance Inc 7375
HLYK Over the counter Healthlynked Corp 7375
IAC Nasdaq IAC/InterActiveCorp 7375
IDDR Over the counter Iddriven Inc 7375
IIJI Nasdaq Internet Initiative Japan Inc. 7375
IPDN Nasdaq Professional Diversity Network 7375
IZEA Nasdaq Izea Inc 7375
JBCT Over the counter Joblocationmap Inc 7375
JMU Nasdaq JMU Ltd- ADR 7375
JRJC Nasdaq China Finance Online Co. (ADR) 7375
JT New York Jianpu Technology Inc 7375
KIWB Over the counter Inc 7375
LBUY Over the counter Leafbuyer Technologies Inc 7375
LEXEA Nasdaq Liberty Expedia Holdings Inc 7375
LFGR New York Leaf Group Ltd 7375
LIVE Nasdaq Live Ventures Inc 7375
LN New York Line Corp (ADR) 7375
LOV American Spark Networks SE (ADR) 7375
LTMP Over the counter Alltemp Inc 7375
LTRPA Nasdaq Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings I 7375
LVWD Over the counter LiveWorld, Inc. 7375
MCHX Nasdaq Marchex, Inc. 7375
MEET Nasdaq Meet Group Inc 7375
MELI Nasdaq Mercadolibre Inc 7375
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