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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ACBM Over the counter ACRO Biomedical Co Ltd 2833
ACCA Over the counter Acacia Diversified Holdings In 2833
AGOL Over the counter Andina Gold Corp 2833
ALID Over the counter Allied Corp 2833
BBBT Over the counter Black Bird Biotech Inc 2833
BCPC Nasdaq Balchem Corporation 2833
BLAB Over the counter Bio Lab Naturals Inc 2833
BOMH Over the counter Boomer Holdings Inc 2833
BRBR New York Bellring Brands Inc 2833
CBDS Over the counter Cannabis Sativa Inc 2833
CHRS Nasdaq Coherus Biosciences Inc 2833
CLTS Over the counter Earth Life Sciences Inc 2833
CLVR Nasdaq Clever Leaves Holdings Inc 2833
CNSC Over the counter CannAssist International Corp 2833
CTIC Nasdaq CTI BioPharma Corp 2833
CVSI Over the counter CV Sciences Inc 2833
CYTH Nasdaq Cyclo Therapeutics Inc 2833
DD New York DuPont de Nemours Inc 2833
ETST Over the counter Earth Science Tech Inc 2833
FLGC Nasdaq Flora Growth Corp 2833
FTLF Over the counter FitLife Brands Inc 2833
GFOO Over the counter Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp 2833
GHSI Nasdaq Guardion Health Sciences Inc 2833
GRYN Over the counter Green Hygienics Holdings Inc 2833
GSRX Over the counter GSRX Industries Inc 2833
HYEX Over the counter Healthy Extracts Inc 2833
KAYS Over the counter Kaya Holdings Inc 2833
KGKG Over the counter Kona Gold Beverage Inc 2833
KOAN Over the counter Resonate Blends Inc 2833
LEXX Nasdaq Lexaria Bioscience Corp 2833
LVRLF Over the counter CordovaCann Corp 2833
MCOA Over the counter Marijuana Company Of America I 2833
MED New York Medifast Inc 2833
MJNA Over the counter Medical Marijuana Inc 2833
MNTR Over the counter Mentor Capital Inc 2833
MTEX Nasdaq Mannatech, Inc. 2833
NAII Nasdaq Natural Alternatives Internati 2833
NATR Nasdaq Natures Sunshine Products Inc 2833
NLBS Over the counter Nutralife Biosciences Inc 2833
PHCG Over the counter Pure Harvest Corporate Group I 2833
PMCB Over the counter Pharmacyte Biotech Inc 2833
PRPH Nasdaq ProPhase Labs Inc 2833
PYPD Nasdaq Polypid Ltd 2833
RCMW Over the counter RCMW Group Inc 2833
RELV Over the counter Reliv International, Inc 2833
RTSL Over the counter Rapid Therapeutic Science Labo 2833
SHWZ Over the counter Medicine Man Technologies Inc 2833
SMPL Nasdaq Simply Good Foods Co 2833
SNBH Over the counter Sentient Brands Holdings Inc 2833
SNDL Nasdaq Sundial Growers Inc 2833
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