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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
FXEN Nasdaq FX Energy, Inc. 1311
GASEE Over the counter Gase Energy Inc 1311
GBR American New Concept Energy, Inc. 1311
GDP New York Goodrich Petroleum Corporation 1311
GEEPF Over the counter Greenfields Petroleum Corp 1311
GEOR Over the counter GeoPetro Resources Company (US 1311
GFOX Over the counter Gray Fox Petroleum Corp 1311
GMET Over the counter GeoMet Inc 1311
GNE New York Genie Energy Ltd 1311
GPOR Nasdaq Gulfport Energy Corporation 1311
GPRK New York GeoPark Ltd 1311
GSPE Over the counter GulfSlope Energy Inc 1311
GST American Gastar Exploration Inc 1311
GTE American Gran Tierra Energy Inc. 1311
HDYN Over the counter Hyperdynamics Corporation 1311
HECC Over the counter Hydrocarb Energy Corp 1311
HENC Over the counter Holloman Energy Corp 1311
HK New York Halcon Resources Corp 1311
HMLA Over the counter Homeland Resources Ltd. 1311
HNR New York Harvest Natural Resources, Inc 1311
HUSA American Houston American Energy Corpor 1311
HUSKF Over the counter Husky Energy Inc (USA) 1311
HWKR Over the counter Hawker Energy Inc 1311
IFNY Over the counter Infinity Energy Resources Inc. 1311
IMO American Imperial Oil Limited (USA) 1311
ISRL Nasdaq Isramco, Inc. 1311
JONE New York Jones Energy Inc 1311
JYHW Over the counter Jayhawk Energy Inc 1311
KOS New York Kosmos Energy Ltd 1311
KWKAQ Over the counter Quicksilver Resources Inc 1311
LEI American Lucas Energy, Inc. 1311
LGCY Nasdaq Legacy Reserves LP 1311
LINE Nasdaq Linn Energy LLC 1311
LLEX Nasdaq Lilis Energy Inc 1311
LNCO Nasdaq LinnCo LLC 1311
LOGL Over the counter Legend Oil and Gas Ltd 1311
LPI New York Laredo Petroleum Inc 1311
LRDC Over the counter Laredo Oil Inc 1311
LRE New York LRR Energy LP 1311
MCEP Nasdaq Mid-Con Energy Partners LP 1311
MCF American Contango Oil & Gas Company 1311
MEMP Nasdaq Memorial Production Partners L 1311
MHR New York Magnum Hunter Resources Corp 1311
MILL Over the counter Miller Energy Resources Inc 1311
MITSY Over the counter Mitsui & Co Ltd (ADR) 1311
MNAP Over the counter MNP Petroleum Corp 1311
MPET Nasdaq Magellan Petroleum Corporation 1311
MPGS Over the counter Malaysia Pro-Guardians Securit 1311
MPO New York Midstates Petroleum Company In 1311
MRD Nasdaq Memorial Resource Development 1311
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