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GOLD ORES - SIC # 1041

Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
IDR American Idaho Strategic Resources Inc 1041
IMG American Iamgold Corp 1041
IMII Over the counter Inception Mining Inc 1041
ITH American International Tower Hill Mines 1041
ITR American Integra Resources Corp 1041
JAG New York Jaguar Mining Inc 1041
JAGGF Over the counter Jaguar Mining Inc (USA) 1041
KGC New York Kinross Gold Corp (USA) 1041
LN American Loncor Gold Inc 1041
LODE American Comstock Inc 1041
LSMG Over the counter Lode-Star Mining Inc 1041
MAG American MAG Silver Corp 1041
MAGE Over the counter Magellan Gold Corp 1041
MGHCF Over the counter Minco Capital Corp (USA) 1041
MTA American Metalla Royalty & Streaming Lt 1041
MUX New York McEwen Mining Inc 1041
NAK American Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd 1041
NBRI Over the counter North Bay Resources Inc 1041
NDM American Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd 1041
NEM New York Newmont Corporation 1041
NG American NovaGold Resources Inc 1041
NGD American New Gold Inc (USA) 1041
NGLD Over the counter Nevada Canyon Gold Corp 1041
NMEX Over the counter Northern Minerals & Exploratio 1041
NSAUF Over the counter Megumagold Corp 1041
NUAG American New Pacific Metals Corp 1041
ODV American Osisko Development Corp 1041
OLA American Orla Mining Ltd 1041
OR American Osisko gold royalties Ltd 1041
PAAS New York Pan American Silver Corp 1041
PGOL Over the counter Patriot Gold Corp. 1041
PNCKF Over the counter Galleon Gold Corp 1041
PPTA New York Perpetua Resources Corp 1041
PZG American Paramount Gold Nevada Corp 1041
RCTFF Over the counter Rochester Resources Ltd 1041
RGLD Nasdaq Royal Gold Inc (USA) 1041
RYSMF Over the counter Royal Standard Minerals Inc (U 1041
SA New York Seabridge Gold Inc (USA) 1041
SEA American Seabridge Gold Inc 1041
SIL American SilverCrest Metals Inc 1041
SKE American Skeena Resources Ltd 1041
SMT American Sierra Metals Inc 1041
SRGZ Over the counter Star Gold Corp 1041
SSRM Nasdaq SSR Mining Inc 1041
STAL Over the counter Star Alliance International Co 1041
SVB American Silver Bull Resources Inc 1041
SVM New York Silvercorp Metals Inc 1041
THM American International Tower Hill Mines 1041
THMG Over the counter Thunder Mountain Gold Inc 1041
TLRS Over the counter Timberline Resources Corp 1041
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