User Testimonials

Below are a few excerpts from articles written and email correspondence received about VentureLine. None of the below were requested by VentureLine, but they are really appreciated. Our mission is to satisfy the business analyses needs of all VentureLine MBA members. Take some time and see what they are saying about VentureLine. Once a member of VentureLine, we are sure you will agree.

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"VentureLine's MBA (My Business Analyst), is an easy-to-use online service that provides established and start-up entrepreneurs with low-cost, high-level guidance and tools"...

- Entrepreneur Magazine (Press)


"I have been using Ventureline for about four months, the bank has been using it for about a year (OCC bulletin #2001-47). We use Ventureline to run the analysis to determine the financial position of these vendors for 2 reasons:

The analysis is performed independent of the Bank so it precludes bias on our part.
Comparing an institution to the Industry allows us to benchmark the analysis.
I am very pleased with the performance of Ventureline. The software provides all of the information that is needed to rate the financial position of our third party vendors. I also find the accounting terms section of the website very helpful. The layout of the website is definitely user friendly. It is very easy to understand and I can navigate the pages in a timely, hassle-free manner. Ventureline is an extremely efficient tool. It has truly made my life easier. The only suggestion that I have is to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!"...

- Marlo E. (Professional)


"I would just like to say that I love your site! I'm a student and your financial analyses have helped SO MUCH!! I searched for hours and couldn't find industry financials, like sales, but I eventually found your site and fell in love!! Thanks so much!! Great idea!!" ...

- Andrew K. (Student)


"Your web site is great! I will use it at work and I will pass it on to my students. (I teach Finance & Accounting) Thanks again"...

- Frank T. (Professional)


"It is work well done by the great people of VL. Being a graduate student of Financial Management, this site helped a lot in several aspects of financial management. I do really recommend business professors and their students to utilize this VL site. It is a true learning experience." ...

- Sharma K. (Student)


"Thank you so much for dedicating part of your weekend to helping me resolve the problems I was having getting the reports I required... also for advising me on the best way to save and manipulate the reports in files or downloads. The resourcefuleness of your website is made all the more valuable by your personal attention to your customers/clients, especially those of us who are not professional finance or business people (but, who find ourselves, nevertheless, requiring the information you provide). I remain deeply impressed by your conscientiousness, and grateful for your personal attention to the details of your business and your customers' needs. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your attention, assistance, and instruction. I have already recommended your site to my fellow students, and will not hesitate to refer others to your website." ...

- Angela H. (Student)


"I would like to use this site in my graduate economics course that I teach at... I think that you have created an outstanding site!"...

- Jerry C. (Professional)


"It was a real blessing for me to get a full bank of information from VentureLine for my MBA project. Hats off to the resource makers!!" ...

- Antony F. (Student)


"I wanted to let you know that the VentureLine Accounting Dictionary was featured as a Web Star in last week's WebCPA Week e-newsletter. The link also appears on the site"...

- WebCPA online magazine (Press)


"I value feedback and find it important to give feedback to the companies I conduct business with.I have benefited from the services Venture Line offers and find the website very useful. Venture Line handled my customer service need promptly with good communication and fixed the problem. I will recommend your services to others"...

- Andrea C. (Professional)


"I don't need any help this time. I just wanted to let you know that you helped me a lot and that I got an A on my case study! Thank you. Take care"...

- Gretchen S. (Student)


From a major regional bank: ..."Over the past year we have used VentureLine continuosly. Our auditors require us to do an analysis and compare it to the industry for certain vendors. We are impressed with VentureLine and want to continue to use it."...

- Lisa W. (Professional)