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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
GRVE Over the counter Groove Botanicals Inc 1311
GSPE Over the counter GulfSlope Energy Inc 1311
GTE American Gran Tierra Energy Inc 1311
GULTU Over the counter Gulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty 1311
GWTI Over the counter Greenway Technologies Inc 1311
HBRIY Over the counter Harbour Energy PLC (ADR) 1311
HENC Over the counter Hero Technologies Inc 1311
HES New York Hess Corp 1311
HNRA American HNR Acquisition Corp 1311
HOKCY Over the counter Hong Kong and China Gas Co Ltd 1311
HUSA American Houston American Energy Corpor 1311
IMO American Imperial Oil Ltd (USA) 1311
IMPP Nasdaq Imperial Petroleum Inc 1311
INDO American Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd 1311
KEI New York Kolibri Global Energy Inc 1311
KOS New York Kosmos Energy Ltd 1311
KRP New York Kimbell Royalty Partners LP 1311
LBRT New York Liberty Energy Inc 1311
LRDC Over the counter Laredo Oil Inc 1311
MARPS Nasdaq Marine Petroleum Trust 1311
MGY New York Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp 1311
MITSY Over the counter Mitsui & Co Ltd (ADR) 1311
MNR New York Mach Natural Resources LP 1311
MNTK Nasdaq Montauk Renewables Inc 1311
MRO New York Marathon Oil Corp 1311
MTDR New York Matador Resources Co 1311
MUR New York Murphy Oil Corp 1311
MXC American Mexco Energy Corp 1311
NFG New York National Fuel Gas Co. 1311
NOG New York Northern Oil and Gas Inc 1311
NRIS Over the counter Norris Industries Inc 1311
OBE New York Obsidian Energy Ltd 1311
OILY Over the counter Sino American Oil Co 1311
OKE New York ONEOK Inc 1311
OPAL Nasdaq Opal Fuels Inc 1311
OVV New York Ovintiv Inc 1311
OXY New York Occidental Petroleum Corp 1311
PED American Pedevco Corp 1311
PHX New York PHX Minerals Inc 1311
PNRG Nasdaq Primeenergy Resources Corp 1311
PR New York Permian Resources Corp 1311
PRMRF Over the counter Paramount Resources Ltd 1311
PROP Nasdaq Prairie Operating Co 1311
PTCO Over the counter PetroGas Co 1311
PXD New York Pioneer Natural Resources Co 1311
RECAF Over the counter Reconnaissance Energy (Africa) 1311
REI American Ring Energy Inc 1311
REPX American Riley Exploration Permian Inc 1311
RRC New York Range Resources Corp 1311
RSRV Over the counter Reserve Petroleum Co 1311
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