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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
MEET Nasdaq Meet Group Inc 7375
MELI Nasdaq Mercadolibre Inc 7375
MFST Over the counter Medifirst Solutions Inc 7375
MIGT Over the counter Mi1 Global TelCo Inc 7375
MJTK Over the counter Cannasys Inc 7375
MMYT Nasdaq MakeMyTrip Limited 7375
MPAY Over the counter Mobetize Corp 7375
MSRT Over the counter MassRoots Inc 7375
MVEN Over the counter Themaven Inc 7375
NQ New York NQ Mobile Inc (ADR) 7375
NTES Nasdaq NetEase Inc (ADR) 7375
OTTV Over the counter Viva Entertainment Group Inc 7375
P New York Pandora Media Inc 7375
PAXH Over the counter PreAxia Health Care Payment Sy 7375
PBYA Over the counter Probility Media Corp 7375
PERI Nasdaq Perion Network Ltd 7375
QUOT New York Quotient Technology Inc 7375
RENN New York Renren Inc 7375
RIHT Over the counter RightsCorp Inc 7375
RSSS Over the counter Research Solutions Inc 7375
SFUN New York Fang Holdings Ltd 7375
SINA Nasdaq SINA Corp 7375
SLNM Over the counter Salon Media Group, Inc. 7375
SOHU Nasdaq Inc 7375
SPYR Over the counter SPYR Inc 7375
TCX Nasdaq Tucows Inc. (USA) 7375
TGRR Over the counter Tiger Reef Inc 7375
TOUR Nasdaq Tuniu Corp 7375
TRLI Over the counter Truli media Group Inc 7375
TRUE Nasdaq TrueCar Inc 7375
TRVG Nasdaq Trivago NV - ADR 7375
TST Nasdaq TheStreet, Inc. 7375
TTGT Nasdaq TechTarget Inc 7375
TVPT New York Travelport Worldwide Ltd 7375
TWTR New York Twitter Inc 7375
WB Nasdaq Weibo Corp (ADR) 7375
WBAI New York Ltd 7375
WBMD Nasdaq WebMD Health Corp. 7375
WCVC Over the counter West Coast Ventures Group Corp 7375
WDDD Over the counter Worlds Inc 7375
WSCO Over the counter Wall Street Media Co Inc 7375
WUBA New York Inc (ADR) 7375
YEXT New York Yext Inc 7375
YNDX Nasdaq Yandex NV 7375
YPPN Over the counter Yappn Corp 7375
YRD New York Yirendai Ltd - ADR 7375
YY Nasdaq YY Inc (ADR) 7375
ZG Nasdaq Zillow Group Inc 7375
ZNGA Nasdaq Zynga Inc 7375
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