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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
AAIC New York Arlington Asset Investment Cor 6799
AMTD New York AMTD IDEA Group - ADR 6799
ARVL Nasdaq Arrival SA 6799
BEGI Over the counter Blackstar Enterprise Group Inc 6799
BXSL New York Blackstone Secured Lending Fun 6799
CGBD Nasdaq Carlyle Secured Lending Inc 6799
CLNV Over the counter Clean Vision Corp 6799
CODI New York Compass Diversified Holdings 6799
CRT New York Cross Timbers Royalty Trust 6799
CSWC Nasdaq Capital Southwest Corporation 6799
EMF New York Templeton Emerging Markets Fun 6799
FNV American Franco-Nevada Corp 6799
GBDC Nasdaq Golub Capital BDC Inc 6799
GIM New York Templeton Global Income Fund 6799
GSHN Over the counter Gushen Inc 6799
HKHHY Over the counter Heineken Holding NV - ADR 6799
IOR American Income Opportunity Realty Inve 6799
LRFC Nasdaq Logan Ridge Finance Corp 6799
MGOM Over the counter Migom Global Corp 6799
MNTR Over the counter Mentor Capital Inc 6799
MTA American Metalla Royalty & Streaming Lt 6799
NAD New York Nuveen Quality Municipal Incom 6799
NMI New York Nuveen Municipal Income Fund I 6799
NNY New York Nuveen New York Municipal Valu 6799
NUV New York Nuveen Municipal Value Fund In 6799
NXP New York Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income 6799
PCM New York PCM Fund, Inc. 6799
PIM New York Putnam Master Intermediate Inc 6799
PMM New York Putnam Managed Municipal Incom 6799
PMO New York Putnam Municipal Opportunities 6799
PPT New York Putnam Premier Income Trust 6799
PRCX Over the counter Phoenix Rising Companies 6799
PRM New York Perimeter Solutions SA 6799
PROC Nasdaq Procaps Group SA 6799
RAFI Over the counter Regency Affiliates Inc 6799
RAND Nasdaq Rand Capital Corp 6799
RCS New York PIMCO Strategic Income Fund, I 6799
RVT New York Royce Value Trust Inc 6799
SBR New York Sabine Royalty Trust 6799
SOR New York Source Capital Inc 6799
TEI New York Templeton Emerging Markets Inc 6799
TRLC Over the counter Trilinc Global Impact Fund LLC 6799
VCV New York Invesco California Value Mncpl 6799
VGM New York Invesco Trust for Investment G 6799
VOX New York Vox Royalty Corp 6799
ZTR New York Virtus Total Return Fund Inc 6799
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