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5 most recent years of analyzed results, including latest filed quarter, calculated from data on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database:

Predictor Ratios indicate the potential for growth or failure. Industry financial ratios provides the best methodology to judge how well a company or investment is performing. In evaluating any investment it is imperative that the company or investment be compared to the performance of the industry in which it competes. VentureLine provides the latest of data, less than 30 days old, for every industry within the public market. Your industry financial ratios analysis is immediate and available for download or printing at will.

Industry financial ratios can reveal much about an industry. However, there are several points to keep in mind about ratios. First, they are "flags" indicating areas of strength or weakness. One or even several ratios might be misleading, but when combined with other knowledge of an industry, industry analysis utilizing ratios can tell much about that industry. Second, there is no single correct value for a ratio. The observation that the value of a particular ratio is too high, too low, or just right depends on the perspective of the analyst. Third, financial ratios are meaningful only when they are compared with some standard, such as another industry trend, ratio trend, a ratio trend for the specific sector being analyzed.

In industry analysis, using trends, industry ratios are compared over time, typically years. Year-to-year comparisons can highlight trends and point up the need for action. Trend analysis works best with five years of ratios.

The second type of ratio analysis, cross-sectional analysis, compares a company's financial ratios to industry ratio averages. Another popular forms of cross-sectional analysis compares the financial ratios of two or more companies in similar lines of business.

Your industry analysis report is broken down into the various ratio categories:

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