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Results 501 through 550 of 7010
Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ASR New York Grupo Aeroportuario del Surest 4581
ASRV Nasdaq AmeriServ Financial, Inc. 6029
AST American Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc 2836
ASTC Nasdaq Astrotech Corp 3761
ASTE Nasdaq Astec Industries, Inc. 3531
ASTI Nasdaq Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc 3674
ASUR Nasdaq Asure Software Inc 7373
ASWRF Over the counter Gungnir Resources Inc 1041
ASX New York Advanced Semiconductor Enginee 3674
ASYS Nasdaq Amtech Systems, Inc. 3559
ASZP Over the counter JV Group Inc 6726
AT New York Atlantic Power Corp 4911
ATAI Nasdaq ATA Inc.(ADR) 8299
ATAX Nasdaq America First Multifamily Inve 6162
ATE New York Advantest Corp (ADR) 3825
ATEA Over the counter Astea International Inc. 7371
ATEC Nasdaq Alphatec Holdings Inc 3841
ATEN New York A10 Networks Inc 7372
ATGN Over the counter AltiGen Communications, Inc. 3661
ATHM New York Autohome Inc (ADR) 7375
ATHN Nasdaq athenahealth, Inc 7372
ATHX Nasdaq Athersys, Inc. 2834
ATI New York Allegheny Technologies Incorpo 3325
ATLC Nasdaq Atlanticus Holdings Corp 6153
ATLO Nasdaq Ames National Corporation 6029
ATLS New York Atlas Energy Group LLC 1311
ATML Nasdaq Atmel Corporation 3674
ATNAF Over the counter Atna Resources Ltd 1041
ATNI Nasdaq Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. 4812
ATNM American Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc 8731
ATNY Nasdaq API Technologies Corp 3825
ATO New York Atmos Energy Corporation 4924
ATOA Over the counter Altovida Inc 6726
ATOC Over the counter Atomic Paintball,Inc. 6726
ATOS Nasdaq Atossa Genetics Inc 8731
ATR New York AptarGroup, Inc. 3089
ATRA Nasdaq Atara Biotherapeutics Inc 8731
ATRC Nasdaq AtriCure Inc. 3841
ATRI Nasdaq Atrion Corporation 3851
ATRM Nasdaq ATRM Holdings Inc 3825
ATRO Nasdaq Astronics Corporation 3728
ATRS Nasdaq Antares Pharma Inc 3841
ATSG Nasdaq Air Transport Services Group I 4215
ATSR Over the counter Asia Travel Corp 4724
ATTD Over the counter Attitude Drinks Inc 2086
ATTO New York Atento SA 7389
ATTU Nasdaq Attunity Ltd 7371
ATU New York Actuant Corporation 3492
ATV New York Acorn International, Inc. (ADR 3651
ATVI Nasdaq Activision Blizzard, Inc. 7372
Results 500 through 550 of 7010