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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ACLZ Over the counter Accelerize Inc 7372
ADBE Nasdaq Adobe Systems Incorporated 7372
ADSK Nasdaq Autodesk, Inc. 7372
AIFS Over the counter Agent Information Software Inc 7372
AKTS Nasdaq Akoustis Technologies Inc 7372
ALPP Over the counter Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd 7372
ALYI Over the counter Alternet Systems, Inc. 7372
AMSWA Nasdaq American Software, Inc. 7372
ANSS Nasdaq ANSYS, Inc. 7372
APPF Nasdaq AppFolio Inc 7372
APPS Nasdaq Digital Turbine Inc 7372
APTI Nasdaq Apptio Inc 7372
APTY Over the counter APT Systems Inc 7372
APYP Over the counter AppYea Inc 7372
ATEN New York A10 Networks Inc 7372
ATHN Nasdaq athenahealth, Inc 7372
ATVI Nasdaq Activision Blizzard, Inc. 7372
AVGTF Over the counter AVG Technologies NV 7372
AVOI Over the counter Advanced Voice Recognition Sys 7372
AYX New York Alteryx Inc 7372
BBTH Over the counter bBooth Inc 7372
BKYI Over the counter BIO-key International, Inc. 7372
BL Nasdaq Blackline Inc 7372
BLBX Over the counter Blackboxstocks Inc 7372
BLIN Nasdaq Bridgeline Digital Inc 7372
BLKB Nasdaq Blackbaud, Inc. 7372
BNFT Nasdaq Benefitfocus Inc 7372
BOX New York Box Inc 7372
BR New York Broadridge Financial Solutions 7372
BSFT Nasdaq BroadSoft Inc 7372
BSPK Over the counter Bespoke Extracts Inc 7372
BV Nasdaq Bazaarvoice Inc 7372
BVSN Nasdaq BroadVision, Inc. 7372
BVWN Over the counter Broadview Networks Holdings In 7372
CARB Nasdaq Carbonite Inc 7372
CDIF Over the counter Cardiff International Inc 7372
CDK Nasdaq CDK Global Inc 7372
CHGT Over the counter Changing Technologies Inc 7372
CHKP Nasdaq Check Point Software Technolog 7372
CHUBA Nasdaq CommerceHub Inc 7372
CLOK Over the counter Cipherloc Corp 7372
CLWD Over the counter Cloudcommerce Inc 7372
CMCM New York Cheetah Mobile Inc (ADR) 7372
CNIT Nasdaq China Information Technology, 7372
COTV New York Cotiviti Holdings Inc 7372
COUP Nasdaq Coupa Software Inc 7372
COYN Nasdaq COPsync Inc 7372
CPAH Nasdaq CounterPath, Corp. 7372
CTG Nasdaq Computer Task Group, Inc. 7372
CTXS Nasdaq Citrix Systems, Inc. 7372
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