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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ADBE Nasdaq Adobe Inc 7372
ADSK Nasdaq Autodesk, Inc. 7372
ADTH Nasdaq AdTheorent Holding Company Inc 7372
AFRM Nasdaq Affirm Holdings Inc 7372
AI New York Inc 7372
AIFS Over the counter Agent Information Software Inc 7372
ALDS Over the counter APPlife Digital Solutions Inc 7372
ALIT New York Alight Inc 7372
ALKT Nasdaq Alkami Technology Inc 7372
ALPP Nasdaq Alpine 4 Holdings Inc 7372
ALRM Nasdaq AlarmCom Hldg Inc 7372
AMPL Nasdaq Amplitude Inc 7372
AMST Nasdaq Amesite Inc 7372
AMSWA Nasdaq American Software, Inc. 7372
AMWL New York American Well Corp 7372
ANGI Nasdaq Angi Inc 7372
ANSS Nasdaq ANSYS, Inc. 7372
ANY Nasdaq Sphere 3D Corp 7372
APGT Over the counter Appgate Inc 7372
API Nasdaq Agora Inc 7372
APPF Nasdaq AppFolio Inc 7372
APPN Nasdaq Appian Corp 7372
APPS Nasdaq Digital Turbine Inc 7372
ARQQ Nasdaq Arqit Quantum Inc 7372
ASAN New York Asana Inc 7372
ASFT Over the counter Appsoft Technologies Inc 7372
ATEN New York A10 Networks Inc 7372
ATVI Nasdaq Activision Blizzard, Inc. 7372
AUID Nasdaq Ipsidy Inc 7372
AUR Nasdaq Aurora Innovation Inc 7372
AUUD Nasdaq Auddia Inc 7372
AVID Nasdaq Avid Technology, Inc. 7372
AVLR New York Avalara Inc 7372
AVOI Over the counter Advanced Voice Recognition Sys 7372
AVPT Nasdaq AvePoint Inc 7372
AWRE Nasdaq Aware, Inc. 7372
AYX New York Alteryx Inc 7372
BB New York BlackBerry Ltd 7372
BBAI New York Holdings Inc 7372
BBLN New York Babylon Holdings Ltd 7372
BEAT Nasdaq Heartbeam Inc 7372
BIGC Nasdaq Bigcommerce Holdings Inc 7372
BILL New York Holdings Inc 7372
BITF New York Bitfarms Ltd 7372
BKI New York Black Knight Inc 7372
BKKT New York Bakkt Holdings Inc 7372
BKYI Nasdaq BIO-key International, Inc. 7372
BL Nasdaq Blackline Inc 7372
BLBX Nasdaq Blackboxstocks Inc 7372
BLGI Over the counter BLGI Inc 7372
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