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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
ACFN Over the counter Acorn Energy Inc 7371
ADEA Nasdaq Adeia Inc 7371
ADP Nasdaq Automatic Data Processing Inc 7371
ADSE Nasdaq Ads-Tec Energy PLC 7371
AEYE Nasdaq Audioeye Inc 7371
AGILQ Over the counter AgileThought Inc 7371
AGMH Nasdaq AGM Group Holdings Inc 7371
AJIA Over the counter Ajia Innogroup Holdings Ltd 7371
AKAM Nasdaq Akamai Technologies, Inc. 7371
ALTR Nasdaq Altair Engineering Inc 7371
ALYA New York Alithya Group inc 7371
AMJT Over the counter AMJ Global Technology 7371
APCX Nasdaq AppTech Payments Corp 7371
ASGN New York ASGN Inc 7371
ATDS Over the counter Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc 7371
BBAI New York Holdings Inc 7371
BNAI Nasdaq Brand Engagement Network Inc 7371
BNZI Nasdaq Banzai International Inc 7371
BRAG New York Bragg Gaming Group Inc 7371
BSY Nasdaq Bentley Systems Inc 7371
CACI New York CACI International Inc 7371
CAUD Nasdaq Collective Audience Inc 7371
CBDW Over the counter 1606 Corp 7371
CCCS Nasdaq CCC Intelligent Solutions Hold 7371
CDLX Nasdaq Cardlytics Inc 7371
COMP New York Compass Inc 7371
CRCT Nasdaq Cricut Inc 7371
CRM New York Salesforce Inc 7371
CRVW Over the counter CareView Communications Inc 7371
CRWD Nasdaq Crowdstrike Holdings Inc 7371
CTM American Castellum Inc 7371
CTSH Nasdaq Cognizant Technology Solutions 7371
CXDO Nasdaq Crexendo Inc 7371
DASTY Over the counter Dassault Systemes SE (ADR) 7371
DATS Nasdaq DatChat Inc 7371
DFIN New York Donnelley Financial Solutions 7371
DLEXY Over the counter Datalex plc (ADR) 7371
DMAQ Nasdaq Trugolf Holdings Inc 7371
DMRC Nasdaq Digimarc Corp 7371
DOCN New York DigitalOcean Holdings Inc 7371
DOX Nasdaq Amdocs Ltd 7371
DUUO Over the counter Duo World Inc 7371
DWAY Over the counter Driveitaway Holdings Inc 7371
DXC New York DXC Technology Co 7371
EBIXQ Over the counter Ebix Inc 7371
EGIO Nasdaq Edgio Inc 7371
EVBG Nasdaq Everbridge Inc 7371
EVTC New York Evertec Inc 7371
FFIV Nasdaq F5 Inc 7371
FICO New York Fair Isaac Corp 7371
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