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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
EBIX Nasdaq Ebix Inc 7371
EFUT Nasdaq eFuture Holding Inc 7371
EGAN Nasdaq eGain Corp 7371
EPAY Nasdaq Bottomline Technologies 7371
EPIQ Nasdaq EPIQ Systems, Inc. 7371
ETAK American Elephant Talk Communications C 7371
EVOL Nasdaq Evolving Systems Inc 7371
FFLO Over the counter Free Flow Inc 7371
FICO New York Fair Isaac Corporation 7371
FISV Nasdaq Fiserv Inc 7371
FLTX New York FleetMatics Group PLC 7371
FORTY Nasdaq Formula Systems (1985) Ltd. (A 7371
FTNT Nasdaq Fortinet Inc 7371
GDDY New York Godaddy Inc 7371
GLOB New York Globant SA 7371
HMNY Nasdaq Helios and Matheson Analytics 7371
IAIC Over the counter Information Analysis Incorpora 7371
IGEN Over the counter IGEN Networks Corp 7371
IHS New York IHS Inc. 7371
IL New York Intralinks Holdings Inc 7371
IMCI Over the counter Infinite Group, Inc. 7371
IMMR Nasdaq Immersion Corporation 7371
IMPV New York Imperva Inc 7371
INOV Nasdaq Inovalon Holdings Inc 7371
IPTK Over the counter AS-IP Tech Inc 7371
IQNT Nasdaq Inteliquent Inc 7371
ISGN Over the counter Isign Solutions Inc 7371
IWSY Over the counter Imageware Systems Inc 7371
JCOM Nasdaq J2 Global Inc 7371
JFIL Over the counter Jubilant Flame International L 7371
KALO Over the counter Kallo Inc 7371
KGNR Over the counter Kange Corp 7371
LLNW Nasdaq Limelight Networks, Inc. 7371
LLPP Over the counter Loop Industries Inc 7371
LOGG Over the counter Lifelogger Technologies Corp 7371
LPSN Nasdaq LivePerson, Inc. 7371
LXFT New York Luxoft Holding Inc 7371
MANT Nasdaq Mantech International Corp 7371
MATR Nasdaq Mattersight Corp 7371
MAXD Over the counter Max Sound Corp 7371
MDSO Nasdaq Medidata Solutions Inc 7371
MESG Nasdaq Xura Inc 7371
MNDO Nasdaq MIND C.T.I. Ltd. 7371
MOBI Nasdaq Sky-mobi Ltd (ADR) 7371
MOBO Over the counter Mobile Lads Corp 7371
MOST Over the counter MobileSmith Inc 7371
MOXC Over the counter Moxian Inc 7371
MXPT Nasdaq MaxPoint Interactive Inc 7371
NCR New York NCR Corporation 7371
NETE Nasdaq Net Element Inc 7371
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