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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
AAV New York Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) 1311
ADENF Over the counter Adira Energy Ltd 1311
AKVA Over the counter Arkanova Energy Corporation 1311
ALOD Over the counter Allied Resources Inc 1311
AMZGQ Over the counter American Eagle Energy Corp 1311
ANFC Over the counter Black Ridge Oil & Gas Inc 1311
AOGN Over the counter Avalon Oil and Gas Inc 1311
APA New York Apache Corporation 1311
APC New York Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 1311
AR New York Antero Resources Corp 1311
ARET Over the counter Arete Industries Inc 1311
AREX Nasdaq Approach Resources Inc. 1311
ARP New York Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. 1311
ATLS Over the counter Atlas Energy Group LLC 1311
AXAS Nasdaq Abraxas Petroleum Corp. 1311
AXIO Over the counter Axiom Oil and Gas Corp 1311
AZUEF Over the counter Panorama Petroleum Inc 1311
BBEPQ Over the counter Breitburn Energy Partners LP 1311
BBG New York Bill Barrett Corporation 1311
BBLS Over the counter Rockdale Resources Corp 1311
BCEI New York Bonanza Creek Energy Inc 1311
BITXF Over the counter Bit-X Financial Corp 1311
BKEN Over the counter Bakken Energy Corp 1311
BKKN Over the counter Bakken Resources Inc 1311
BLKG Over the counter Black Stallion Oil and Gas Inc 1311
BNXR Over the counter Brinx Resources Ltd 1311
BRHM Over the counter Brenham Oil & Gas Corporation 1311
BRKDF Over the counter Berkley Renewables Inc (US) 1311
BRN American Barnwell Industries, Inc. 1311
BRZV Over the counter Breezer Ventures Inc 1311
BSM New York Black Stone Minerals LP 1311
BTE New York Baytex Energy Corp (USA) 1311
CEGX Over the counter Cardinal Energy Group Inc 1311
CEO New York CNOOC Ltd (ADR) 1311
CGXEF Over the counter CGX Energy Inc 1311
CHIT Over the counter Cherubim Interests Inc 1311
CIE New York Cobalt International Energy, I 1311
CLR New York Continental Resources, Inc. 1311
CLTS Over the counter Earth Life Sciences Inc 1311
CNQ New York Canadian Natural Resource Ltd 1311
COG New York Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation 1311
COGLF Over the counter Chelsea Oil and Gas Ltd 1311
COIL Over the counter Citadel Exploration Inc 1311
CPE New York Callon Petroleum Company 1311
CRBO Over the counter Carbon Natural Gas Co 1311
CRC New York California Resources Corp 1311
CRK New York Comstock Resources Inc 1311
CRZO Nasdaq Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc 1311
CVE New York Cenovus Energy Inc (USA) 1311
CWEI New York Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. 1311
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