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There are 32 accounting terms that start with 'K'

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K as the fifth letter of a...Read More
K-1, SCHEDULE is an IRS form used...Read More
KAIZEN BUDGETING is a budgeting approach that...Read More
KAIZEN COSTING means "improvements in small steps"...Read More
KAK is a currency of Cambodia/Kampuchea. ...Read More
KARBOVANETS (KARBOVANTSIV) is a currency of Ukraine.
KEEP-WELL AGREEMENTS, also known as comfort letters,...Read More
KEOGH is a pension plan in the...Read More
KEY PERSON DISCOUNT is an amount or...Read More
KEYNESIAN GROWTH MODELS are models in which...Read More
KEYNESIAN MACROECONOMICS is the theory that shows...Read More
KIKIN, in Japan, is a capital foundation...Read More
KINA is a currency of Papua New Guinea....Read More
KIP is a currency of Laos.
KITING, when used in the context of...Read More
KNOW-HOW is the knowledge and skill required...Read More
KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION is the process of acquiring...Read More
KOBO is a currency of Nigeria.
KONVERTIBILNA PFENIGA is a currency of Bosnia &...Read More
KORUNA (KORUN, KORUNY) is a currency of Czechoslovakia,...Read More
KRONA (KRONOR) is a currency of Sweden.
KRONE (KRONEN) is a currency of Austria, Bohemia,...Read More
KRONE (KRONER) is a currency of Denmark...Read More
KRONUR (KRONA)is a currency of Iceland.
KROON (KROONI) is a currency of Estonia.
KUNA (KUNE)is a currency of Croatia.
KUPON is a currency of Ukraine.
KUPONI is a currency of Georgia.
KWACHA is a currency of Malawi and...Read More
KWANZA is a currency of Angola.
KYAT is a currency of Burma / Myanmar.
There are 32 accounting terms that start with 'K'