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There are 20 accounting terms that start with 'Y'

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Y as the fifth letter of a...Read More
YAG is Year at A Glance.
YANKEE BOND is a dollar bond issued...Read More
YANKEE CD is a Certificate of Deposit issued...Read More
YEAR-END is the end of an accounting...Read More
YEAR-END ADJUSTMENT is the process of adjusting...Read More
YEAR-END DIVIDEND is a payment to stockholders...Read More
YELLING MARKETS refers to markets where transactions...Read More
YELLOW SHEETS is a daily publication of...Read More
YEN is the currency of Japan. Its...Read More
YIELD is the annual return on an...Read More
YIELD CURVE, in investments, is a graph...Read More
YIELD ON STOCK is the percentage of...Read More
YIELD TO CALL is the effective annual...Read More
YIELD TO MATURITY (YTM) is the rate...Read More
YIELD TO PUT is the effective annual rate...Read More
YIELD VARIANCE is the effect of varying...Read More
YTD is Year To Date; meaning the...Read More
YUAN is a currency of China.
There are 20 accounting terms that start with 'Y'