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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
DH Nasdaq Definitive Healthcare Corp 7372
DOCU Nasdaq Docusign Inc 7372
DOMO Nasdaq Domo Inc 7372
DSG New York Descartes Systems Group Inc 7372
DSGX Nasdaq Descartes Systems Group Inc (U 7372
DSP Nasdaq Viant Technology Inc 7372
DT New York Dynatrace Inc 7372
DTSS Nasdaq Datasea Inc 7372
DUOT Nasdaq Duos Technologies Group Inc 7372
DUSYF Over the counter Duesenberg Technologies Inc 7372
DV New York DoubleVerify Holdings Inc 7372
EA Nasdaq Electronic Arts Inc 7372
EBZT Over the counter Everything Blockchain Inc 7372
ECX Nasdaq Ecarx Holdings Inc. 7372
EGAN Nasdaq eGain Corp 7372
ENFN New York Enfusion Inc 7372
ENV New York Envestnet Inc 7372
ESTC New York Elastic NV 7372
ETWO New York E2open Parent Holdings Inc 7372
EUDA Nasdaq EUDA Health Holdings Ltd 7372
EVCM Nasdaq EverCommerce Inc 7372
EXFY Nasdaq Expensify Inc 7372
EXOD Over the counter Exodus Movement Inc 7372
FALC Over the counter FalconStor Software Inc 7372
FAZE Nasdaq FaZe Holdings Inc 7372
FCUV Nasdaq Focus Universal Inc 7372
FDCT Over the counter FDCTECH Inc 7372
FINV New York FinVolution Group (ADR) 7372
FIVN Nasdaq Five9 Inc 7372
FNGR Nasdaq FingerMotion Inc 7372
FORA Nasdaq Forian Inc 7372
FROG Nasdaq JFrog Ltd 7372
FRSH Nasdaq Freshworks Inc 7372
FRZT Over the counter Freeze Tag Inc 7372
FTFT Nasdaq Future Fintech Group Inc 7372
FVRR New York Fiverr International Ltd 7372
GAME New York GameSquare Holdings Inc 7372
GDEV Nasdaq GDEV Inc. 7372
GLBE Nasdaq Global-E Online Ltd 7372
GMGI Nasdaq Golden Matrix Group Inc 7372
GRAB Nasdaq Grab Holdings Ltd 7372
GRND New York Grindr Inc 7372
GRVY Nasdaq Gravity Co., LTD. (ADR) 7372
GTLB Nasdaq Gitlab Inc 7372
GVP Nasdaq GSE Systems, Inc. 7372
GWRE New York Guidewire Software Inc 7372
GXAI Nasdaq Gaxos.AI Inc 7372
HCAT Nasdaq Health Catalyst Inc 7372
HCP Nasdaq HashiCorp Inc 7372
HCTI Nasdaq Healthcare Triangle Inc 7372
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