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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
INTU Nasdaq Intuit Inc. 7372
INTV Over the counter Integrated Ventures Inc 7372
INUV American Inuvo Inc 7372
IONI Over the counter I-On Digital Corp 7372
IOTC Over the counter Iota Communications Inc 7372
IRNC Over the counter Ironclad Encryption Corp 7372
ISDR American Issuer Direct Corp 7372
IWSY Over the counter Imageware Systems Inc 7372
JMDA Over the counter Jerrick Media Holdings Inc 7372
JPOTD Over the counter Jackpot Digital Inc 7372
KERN Nasdaq Akerna Corp 7372
KNMCY Over the counter Konami Holdings Corp (ADR) 7372
LAAB Over the counter Startech Labs Inc 7372
LAIX New York LAIX Inc 7372
LKCO Nasdaq Luokung Technology Corp 7372
LQDT Nasdaq Liquidity Services, Inc. 7372
LVBX Over the counter Levelblox Inc 7372
MARA Nasdaq Marathon Patent Group Inc 7372
MARK Nasdaq Remark Holdings Inc 7372
MDB Nasdaq Mongodb Inc 7372
MDLA New York Medallia Inc 7372
MFON Over the counter Mobivity Holdings Corp 7372
MGIC Nasdaq Magic Software Enterprises Ltd 7372
MIME Nasdaq Mimecast Ltd 7372
MITI Over the counter Mitesco Inc 7372
MITK Nasdaq Mitek Systems, Inc. 7372
MIXT New York MiX Telematics Ltd - ADR 7372
MJCO Nasdaq Majesco 7372
MOBL Nasdaq Mobileiron Inc 7372
MODN New York Model N Inc 7372
MOMO Nasdaq Momo Inc (ADR) 7372
MSCI New York Msci Inc 7372
MSFT Nasdaq Microsoft Corporation 7372
MSTR Nasdaq MicroStrategy Incorporated 7372
MTBC Nasdaq MTBC Inc 7372
MTC Nasdaq MMTec Inc 7372
MTLS Nasdaq Materialise NV (ADR) 7372
NATI Nasdaq National Instruments Corp 7372
NCTY Nasdaq The9 Limited (ADR) 7372
NEWR New York New Relic Inc 7372
NH Nasdaq NantHealth Inc 7372
NHEL Over the counter Natural Health Farm Holdings I 7372
NTNX Nasdaq Nutanix Inc 7372
NTWK Nasdaq NetSol Technologies Inc. 7372
NUAN Nasdaq Nuance Communications Inc. 7372
NVGI Over the counter Noble Vici Group Inc 7372
OKTA Nasdaq Okta Inc 7372
OMWS Over the counter Omnia Wellness Inc 7372
OPRA Nasdaq Opera Ltd 7372
ORCL New York Oracle Corporation 7372
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