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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
MARK Over the counter Remark Holdings Inc 7372
MAX New York MediaAlpha Inc 7372
MBLY Nasdaq Mobileye Global Inc 7372
MDAI Nasdaq Spectral AI Inc 7372
MDB Nasdaq Mongodb Inc 7372
MFH Nasdaq Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc- 7372
MFON Over the counter Mobivity Holdings Corp 7372
MGAM Nasdaq Mobile Global Esports Inc 7372
MGIC Nasdaq Magic Software Enterprises Ltd 7372
MIMO American Airspan Networks Holdings Inc 7372
MITK Nasdaq Mitek Systems Inc 7372
MIXT New York MiX Telematics Ltd - ADR 7372
ML New York Moneylion Inc 7372
MNDY Nasdaq Monday.Com Ltd 7372
MODN New York Model N Inc 7372
MOMO Nasdaq Hello Group Inc (ADR) 7372
MOND Nasdaq Mondee Holdings Inc 7372
MPLN New York Multiplan Corp 7372
MPU American Mega Matrix Corp 7372
MQ Nasdaq Marqeta Inc 7372
MRAI Nasdaq Marpai Inc 7372
MRDB New York MariaDB PLC 7372
MRIN Nasdaq Marin Software Inc 7372
MRT American Marti Technologies Inc 7372
MSAI Nasdaq Multisensor AI Holdings Inc 7372
MSFT Nasdaq Microsoft Corp 7372
MSGM Nasdaq Motorsport Games Inc 7372
MSTR Nasdaq MicroStrategy Inc 7372
MTBL New York Moatable Inc (ADR) 7372
MTC Nasdaq MMTec Inc 7372
MTLS Nasdaq Materialise NV (ADR) 7372
MTTR Nasdaq Matterport Inc 7372
MVLA Nasdaq Movella Holdings Inc 7372
MYPS Nasdaq Playstudios Inc 7372
NABL New York N-Able Inc 7372
NCNO Nasdaq nCino Inc 7372
NGMS Nasdaq NeoGames SA 7372
NHIQ Over the counter NantHealth Inc 7372
NICE Nasdaq Nice Ltd (ADR) 7372
NIRLQ Over the counter Near Intelligence Inc 7372
NISN Nasdaq Nisun Internatnal Entpre Dev G 7372
NOGNQ Over the counter Nogin Inc 7372
NOTE New York FiscalNote Holdings Inc 7372
NRDS Nasdaq Nerdwallet Inc 7372
NTES Nasdaq NetEase Inc (ADR) 7372
NTNX Nasdaq Nutanix Inc 7372
NTWK Nasdaq NetSol Technologies Inc. 7372
NU New York Nu Holdings Ltd 7372
NVVE Nasdaq Nuvve Holding Corp 7372
OCFT New York OneConnect Financial Tchnlgy C 7372
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