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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
HKD New York AMTD Digital Inc - ADR 7372
HLTH Nasdaq Cue Health Inc 7372
HOLO Nasdaq MicroCloud Hologram Inc 7372
HOOD Nasdaq Robinhood Markets Inc 7372
HPTO Over the counter Hopto Inc 7372
HQY Nasdaq Healthequity Inc 7372
HRYU Nasdaq Hanryu Holdings Inc 7372
HTCR Nasdaq HeartCore Enterprises Inc 7372
HUBC Nasdaq Hub Cyber Security Ltd 7372
HUBS New York HubSpot Inc 7372
HWH Nasdaq HWH International Inc 7372
IAS Nasdaq Integral Ad Science Holding Co 7372
IBEX Nasdaq Ibex Ltd 7372
ICCT Nasdaq iCoreConnect Inc 7372
IDAI Nasdaq T Stamp Inc 7372
IDN Nasdaq Intellicheck Inc 7372
IMMR Nasdaq Immersion Corporation 7372
INFA New York Informatica Inc 7372
INLX American Intellinetics Inc 7372
INSE Nasdaq Inspired Entertainment Inc 7372
INTA Nasdaq Intapp Inc 7372
INTU Nasdaq Intuit Inc 7372
INUV American Inuvo Inc 7372
IONI Over the counter I-On Digital Corp 7372
IOT New York Samsara Inc 7372
ISDR American Issuer Direct Corp 7372
ISPC Nasdaq iSpecimen Inc 7372
IVDA Nasdaq Iveda Solutions Inc 7372
JAMF Nasdaq Jamf Holding Corp 7372
JPOTF Over the counter Jackpot Digital Inc 7372
JTAI Nasdaq Jet.AI Inc 7372
KCRD Over the counter Kindcard Inc 7372
KIND New York Nextdoor Holdings Inc 7372
KLTR Nasdaq Kaltura Inc 7372
KNW American Know Labs Inc 7372
KPEA Over the counter Kun Peng International Ltd 7372
KPLT Nasdaq Katapult Holdings Inc 7372
LAAB Over the counter Startech Labs Inc 7372
LAW New York CS Disco Inc 7372
LBUY Over the counter Leafbuyer Technologies Inc 7372
LCFY Nasdaq Locafy Ltd 7372
LDSN Over the counter Luduson G Inc 7372
LDTC Nasdaq LeddarTech Holdings Inc. 7372
LFMD Nasdaq LifeMD Inc 7372
LKCO Nasdaq Luokung Technology Corp 7372
LSPD American Lightspeed Commerce Inc 7372
LZGI Over the counter Lzg International Inc 7372
MAPS Nasdaq WM Technology Inc 7372
MAPT Over the counter Maptelligent Inc 7372
MARA Nasdaq Marathon Digital Holdings Inc 7372
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