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Ticker Exchange Company Financial Reports SIC #
OLO New York Olo Inc 7372
OMH Nasdaq Ohmyhome Ltd 7372
ONTF New York ON24 Inc 7372
OPFI New York Oppfi Inc 7372
OPRA Nasdaq Opera Ltd (ADR) 7372
ORCL New York Oracle Corp 7372
OTEX Nasdaq Open Text Corp (USA) 7372
OTRK Nasdaq Ontrak Inc 7372
PALT Nasdaq Paltalk Inc 7372
PATH New York UiPath Inc 7372
PAYC New York Paycom Software Inc 7372
PCOR New York Procore Technologies Inc 7372
PCTY Nasdaq Paylocity Holding Corp 7372
PDPTF Over the counter Pudo Inc (USA) 7372
PEGA Nasdaq Pegasystems Inc. 7372
PERF New York Perfect Corp 7372
PGRU New York PropertyGuru Group Ltd 7372
PGY Nasdaq Pagaya Technologies Ltd 7372
PHR New York Phreesia Inc 7372
PHUN Nasdaq Phunware Inc 7372
PKK New York Tenet Fintech Group Inc 7372
PLTK Nasdaq Playtika Holding Corp 7372
PLTR New York Palantir Technologies Inc 7372
PRCH Nasdaq Porch Group Inc 7372
PRO New York PROS Holdings, Inc. 7372
PRTH Nasdaq Priority Technology Holdings I 7372
PRYNF Over the counter Backstageplay Inc 7372
PSQH New York PSQ Holdings Inc 7372
PTC Nasdaq PTC Inc 7372
PUBM Nasdaq PubMatic Inc 7372
PWSC New York Powerschool Holdings Inc 7372
PYCR Nasdaq Paycor HCM Inc 7372
PYPL Nasdaq PayPal Holdings Inc 7372
QBTS New York D-Wave Quantum Inc 7372
QMCI Over the counter QuoteMedia Inc 7372
QTWO New York Q2 Holdings Inc 7372
QUBT Nasdaq Quantum Computing Inc 7372
RBBN Nasdaq Ribbon Communications Inc 7372
RBLX New York Roblox Corp 7372
RBT New York Rubicon Technologies Inc 7372
RDCM Nasdaq Radcom Ltd 7372
RDVT Nasdaq Red Violet Inc 7372
RDWR Nasdaq Radware Ltd 7372
REKR Nasdaq Rekor Systems Inc 7372
RKFL Over the counter Rocketfuel Blockchain Inc 7372
RMBL Nasdaq RumbleON Inc 7372
RNG New York RingCentral Inc 7372
RNLX Nasdaq Renalytix PLC (ADR) 7372
ROI Nasdaq Riskon International Inc 7372
RPD Nasdaq Rapid7 Inc 7372
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